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You Can Do What in a Pool? Some Fun Pool Toys for This Season

Posted on: April 25th, 2012 by Dave 2 Comments

Summer is here – well, spring is here but just last weekend in the Antelope Valley it felt like summer and the kids were begging to jump in the pool as temperatures in Palmdale broke 90 degrees. Now, as I write this, it may be raining again. That doesn’t mean I or you can’t start thinking about what fun is to be had in the swimming pool this summer.

It got me thinking about sharing some of the latest cool swimming pool toys that I’ve seen recently. Of course, in my own pool, water cannons, basketball, and volleyball still rule. However, I’m thinking about picking up some of these to keep the wife and kids amused this summer and you might think about them too!

Toys for Me and You

These  are definitely some of the most flat out awesome pool toys I have ever seen! For starters, there is a two-person river float and it has a built in cooler! Just think of it as the perfect spot for you and that special someone who never likes to be too far from a fresh cold one.

Not up for romantic gestures? More of a party guy? Check out the inflatable beer pong raft. Yes, you read that right. It’s an inflatable raft that doubles as a beer pong table! And, possibly a life saving device though I am sure the company that made this does not endorse it in any way as a life saving device. 

Toys for the Kids

Okay, so after playing beer pong in a pool, you would probably be immensely entertained by some  great water toys! That’s because throwing shark torpedoes at people is fun at any age!

Probably the Coolest Raft Ever

Imagine a giant waterproof floating bean bag! This is perfect for when the kids are worn out or you know just to float in MAD style on! Yes, it’s that awesome! Check it out here along with a bunch of other cool pool gadgets.

Speaking of ‘Cool Pools’

Is your pool just too warm in the summer? Do you go out to your pool to cool off and just find yourself wading in 90-degree water? If you have this problem, I have discovered the cure!  That’s right, you can get misters to cool your pool, and it’s been proven to actually work! Want to swim in a cool pool? Mist Cooling’s pool coolers are a step in the right direction, and they are available for in-ground and above ground pools.

Let’s Get this Party Started!

These are just a few of a pretty awesome line of cool trinkets and gadgets out there and available for you and your

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  1. Anthony Mason says:

    I would like some sort of rock slide that would flow into the pool. I know it would be faberglass but could it be built to look like a rock?

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