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What Tools Do I Need to Have for Cleaning My Pool?

Posted on: December 5th, 2011 by Dave No Comments

The task of keeping your pool clean is made easier when you have the right tools. Investing in quality pool equipment will ensure your pool stays sparkling clean and ready to use. The right tools make pool ownership a snap even for the novice. If you are moving into a home with a pool or are taking over for a pool service company, here is a checklist of tools to have ready to keep your pool looking its best.

Skimmer Nets and Leaf Rake

The skimmer net and leaf rake are two of your most valuable pieces of equipment to own. The leaf rake is used to scoop up debris from the bottom of your pool while the skimmer net is used daily to skim over the top of the pool to clean floating debris. Both tools are made of mesh netting and can be easily rinsed after each use.

Vacuum Hose

The best way to remove debris from the pool wall and floor is to use a vacuum hose. A vacuum hose uses a vacuum head and telescoping pole to clean the floor and walls of your pool. You will fill the vacuum hose with water and then attach it to a skimmer hole or vacuum line to suck debris into the filter pump basket. After you are finished vacuuming, simply clean out the basket and filter with water.

Automatic Pool Cleaner and Leaf Canisters

An automatic pool cleaner works for you every day of the week, clearing as much debris from your swimming pool as possible. When it comes to weekly maintenance, this is sure to lighten your load and make regular cleaning much easier.

During the periods of the year where you have more leaves or debris falling into the pool, you can attach a leaf canister to the hoses of the automatic pool cleaner to collect larger debris and help ensure that there are fewer clogs in the lines that flow to the equipment.

Pool Brushes

An important tool in pool maintenance is the pool brush. Algae and other dirt will stick to your pool walls and form slimy walls that are slick to the touch. A through weekly brush will eliminate dirt and debris that accumulates on the pool walls.

Tile Brushes

Nothing shows a pool’s age like discolored and dirty tile. A weekly scrubbing with a tile brush will keep your pool’s tile looking brand new.

Telescoping Pole

A telescoping pole can be used in conjunction with a variety of attachments. Typically, telescoping poles are made from aluminum or fiberglass. The better quality ones are made from fiberglass.

Storage and Cleaning
Maintaining your tools in tip-top shape will have them performing their very best each time. Thoroughly wash your nets and filters to clean out any remaining debris. Inspect your nets and brushes for holes and damage that might affect their effectiveness.
You can install hooks near your pool to hang your telescoping poles and nets. They can also be stored on the walls of your skid shed or garage. Just allow them to thoroughly dry and secure them where you will not step on them.

Keeping Trouble at Bay

Having the proper tools will ensure your pool is maintained to the highest standards. A weekly cleaning and inspection will check your pool looking great and provide you with years of enjoyment.

Contacting a Professional

All of these tools can be ordered online or at your local swimming pool supply company. If you have additional questions or concerns, contact your local swimming pool supply store or professional to guide you in the proper tools to use after you have moved in and are ready to manage your new swimming pool.

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