Top Swimming Pool Safety Tips

According to the CDC, swimming pool and in-ground spa accidents claim the lives of approximately 3,500 Americans annually. While swimming pool at your home is meant to bring fun, it can also be one of the most dangerous things you have. As a homeowner and parent, your main focus should be how to reduce and even eliminate the risks associated with a swimming pool.

As a pool professional, here are three tips to enhance swimming pool safety:

1. Store Pool Chemicals Safely.

Many swimming pool owners who do their own pool or maintain chemicals for their pool professional are likely to have liquid chlorine, chlorine tablets, and other substances like muriatic acid and D.E. for their pool filters. They may also have bottles of algaecide and other chemical products.

However, it’s very important to store all these chemicals in a safe place where children and pets cannot get access. They are highly toxic and deadly. Plus, these chemicals need to be in areas that are well-ventilated. Consider storing them in a locked, ventilated shed.

2. Add a Pool Safety Fence or Cover.  

A removable pool safety fence with a self-latching, self-locking gate can help ensure that kids and pets cannot get to your swimming pool and spa the second you turn your back. These fences are a good investment for lowering the risk of drowning. And, if you are a foster parent or run a day care, you must have a pool safety fence installed.

You can also consider adding other features like a pool safety cover and pool door alarms for any doors that go out to your yard.

3. Inspect Drain Covers.

All in-ground swimming pools and spas must have the latest type of pool drain covers that ensure hair and limbs do not get sucked into the drains and cause drowning and/or bodily harm.

Act Now

With the pool safety tips in this article, you can keep this part of your home secure. Allowing pool professionals to help with the maintenance and repair your pool needs can ensure you address all the risks involved with having a pool and spa. It’s important to keep pool water clean and the area secured around the pool so that it remains as a safe, inviting place to be as a family.

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