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Tips on Seasonal Closures for Commercial Swimming Pools

Posted on: August 28th, 2012 by Dave No Comments

It’s hard to imagine with Labor Day yet to go that anyone should think about closing their commercial swimming pool for the season, but it is what happens during this point in the year as properties like hotels and motels, apartment complexes, and communities decide its closing time. Of course, your swimming pool at home may be year round; that’s your preference.

However, you still might want to employ some of these steps when the weather changes here in the Antelope Valley.

For those that want to close their swimming pool for the season, here is what you need to do, especially when September rolls around and the nights become surprisingly chilly. Not only do these steps help you from freeze damage, but it also means less work when you open the commercial swimming pool back up again when summer rolls around again.

  • Balance your water chemistry, including pH, Total Alkalinity, and Calcium Hardness. This will protect the surface of the swimming pool from staining and etching.
  • In certain areas, you may need to add winterizing chemicals to keep the water as clear as possible throughout the fall and winter seasons.
  • Avoid using floaters that contain chlorine during this time as it will damage the pool surface, including walls and floor.
  • Keep the swimming pools running regularly to avoid the damaging effects as well as blow out the plumbing lines to make sure there is no water or debris in the lines that could cause a back-up or put the swimming pool at greater risk for freezing.
  • Cover the swimming pool to keep out the debris.
  • Clean the filter.

In California, with the water table and liquefaction zone, I do not recommend emptying the swimming pool of all water. This can actually cause the swimming pool to pop up out of the ground, and there is no fixing this except to build a new one.

For the commercial swimming pools I service in Palmdale and Lancaster, I do reduce the number of weekly stops by visiting once or twice versus three times per week since the swimming pool is officially closed.

It is important to still have a professional service your commercial swimming pool or your residential swimming pool throughout the fall and winter season. This will keep them in good working order and ready for the start of the busy season once more plus it will help address debris clogs or anything else that could go wrong.

These issues can be addressed before they lead to further damage, keeping upkeep costs under control and extending the value of your swimming pool.

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