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Tips on Choosing a Swimming Pool Cover

Posted on: October 17th, 2012 by Dave No Comments

Fall is here and like the leaves, the temperature is falling; winter is well on its way. So, unless you love your pool heater or have an indoor one, chances are you will be putting away the bathing suit for six months or so. To keep your swimming pool free of leaves and the debris that seems to pick up in the fall and winter months, it is time to consider a swimming pool cover.

How a Pool Cover Can Help You

In the Antelope Valley, we all know that there is wind so a pool cover will keep your swimming pool relatively clear of dirt, twigs, and leaves. Pool covers are a great way to help keep your pool clean over the winter months.

Other benefits of pool covers are that they are a cheap way to heat your pool, as they act like a blanket over the water and with time your pool will warm up nicely. Pool covers for heating are not only a great money saver, but they are also a great way to get in some swimming while your neighbors are stuck inside just watching people do it on the television.

In the practical sense a pool cover works as a great shield from the elements and does warm the water, but wait there is more.

Different Types of Pool Covers and How They Work

Because of constant innovation there are actually more than a few different covers out there and not all of them are just ‘pool blankets.’

Long have the days ended where pool covers were merely plastic sheets that absorb sunlight. There are solar pool covers that are great for what they are and very inexpensive. However, they do not often last very long and can be more than a nightmare to fold or roll up once summer comes.

Solar rings are a unique type of pool cover that works essentially the same as a regular pool cover. They do seem to be easier to store though with no more folding up the sun dried pool blanket with these solar rings.

Finally, what is probably the latest and greatest in pool cover technology would have to be the automatic pool covers. These are more expensive as they are easy to ‘roll’ up usually with the touch of a button and work just as well, if not better than, other pool covers.

Get Your Pool Covered!

Winter is coming and the benefits of a pool cover are vast, so why not pick one up soon? We can get you any type of swimming pool cover that you may want that fits your swimming pool and your budget.

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