The Benefits of Regularly Cleaning Your Pool Filter

I often have pool customers ask me whether it is necessary to clean a pool filter. My answer is always “yes.” A properly functioning and a clean filter keeps your pool water clean. That means cleaning your pool filter helps you enjoy your pool all year long.

However, a pool filter will only work effectively so long before it needs maintenance. When your pool filter needs to be cleaned, it will no longer be able to filter out all the debris and particulate matter from your pool, eventually causing your pool water to look dirty.

Cleaning Your Pool Filter

A pool filter needs to be cleaned periodically. I recommend once a season. However, in the summer, a pool filter may need an additional cleaning, depending on how often it is used.

Typically, a pool filter needs to be cleaned by a professional three to four times a year if you have a standard or large filter. However, if you have a much smaller filter, it may need to be cleaned once a month.

When dirt and debris causes your filter pressure to be 10 psi or higher than the starting pressure, then you know it’s time to clean your filter.

Why Use a Professional to Clean Your Pool Filter?

Many of the elements that go into a pool filter and cleaning it are complex. There is also a risk that you could harm yourself if you don’t know what you are doing.

While there are many YouTube videos that do a good job of showing you how to clean your pool filter, it’s still good to use a pool professional for this pool maintenance task. Even if you choose to clean your own pool, I have many regular customers who call me just to clean their pool filter or clean their salt cell if they also have a saltwater pool.

Cartridge Filters

One type of filter is a cartridge filter. The cartridge inside your cartridge pool filter should last anywhere from one to three years. One of the most important factors that impacts how a cartridge filter can clean your pool is to ensure that there is not too much flow through the filter. Too much flow can significantly decrease cartridge life and cause debris to flow back into the swimming pool.

D.E. Filters and Sand Filters

D.E. filters use what is called Diatomaceous Earth to help capture and pull finite debris from your pool water. It helps the debris stick to filter grids inside the pool filter. These grids must be cleaned every few months.

Part of the process I see when homeowners clean these filters themselves is that they don’t check the grids for holes before putting them back and they don’t add the Diatomaceous Earth back into the filter after it has been cleaned.

Sand filters are similar to D.E. filters except they use sand instead of D.E. to capture particles from your pool water. Sand should be replaced every four to five years while the filter should be cleaned once a season.

What’s the Best Kind of Filter?

There is no best kind of pool filter. The only good pool filter is a regularly cleaned pool filter.  Whether you use a cartridge, sand, or D.E filter is up to you. Just get it cleaned regularly and your pool will look great all year long.

Schedule Your Filter Clean

We clean pool filters throughout Riverside County, including Temecula and Murrieta. You don’t have to be a monthly pool maintenance customer to schedule this service with us. Contact us today! Fill out this online form or call us at 661-400-7624.


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