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Keeping It Safe: Pool Safety at Parties and Commercial Pools

Posted on: May 28th, 2013 by Dave No Comments

Although many recent news stories that describe child drownings at pools involve those children who wandered in the back yard while no one was around and fell in, there have been drownings that have occurred in front of dozens of people at pool parties, barbecues, and even commercial pool locations at country clubs, hotels, and apartments.  Everyone is having a great time, there’s music playing, and no one notices a child slip under the water who may not be a swimmer. No one wants this to happen to their children let alone to a friend or family member’s child.

As summer rolls around and the pool parties pick up the pace with the rise in temperature, it’s important to think about how to ensure safety while still having a great time.

Home Parties

When you are having a pool party, you need to make sure all your guests are safe. Here are some tips to consider:

  • Hire a certified lifeguard from the park and recreation department. They can keep an eye on everyone in the pool in case any guest is distracted.poolparty1
  • Insist that each person who has a child in the pool get in the pool with them or be responsible for their own child. Otherwise, do not let them get in the pool. As harsh as this sounds, you are trying to play host, chef, and drinks server. Being a lifeguard on top of that is a tall order.
  • Make sure the swimming pool gate and fencing is secure to keep little ones from entering the pool area.
  • Stay alert and be smart.

Commercial Pools

When you go use a country club, hotel, or apartment pool, you cannot assume you and your children are safe. Many of these do not have lifeguards on duty so you are still responsible for your children. Just this weekend, we went to an amazing pool at a country club in the mountains.

The massive swimming pool had four lifeguards on duty spaced evenly around the pool. They were completely focused on those in the pool, which gave us parents cause to relax and enjoy our drinks in the sun. The lifeguards blew their whistle at any kid that dared run next to the pool.

However, that did not mean forget them. We were like hawks, continually scanning the pool to see where the little monkeys were at. It only takes a second for everything to go horribly wrong, so don’t rely on lifeguards. Keep an eye on your kids and, most importantly, keep them slathered up with sunscreen. Even though it was only in the 70s, sunburns can happen.

Also, be sure to keep your kids away from the spa. At commercial pools, kids under 18 are typically not allowed but that doesn’t mean that they won’t try. The spa is too hot for young ones so keep them far away.

Many apartments and hotels do not have lifeguards so you must stay on top of what your kids are doing in the pool. Better yet, jump in there with them. That’s what we did. Not only is it a blast, but it is also a great way to monitor what they are doing in the pool so they stay safe.

Your Safety Pool Source

Aqueous Pools Inc. has access to many pool safety equipment, fencing, and alarms. Ask us what we can do for you!

Never Too Early for Thinking Summer Pool Toys

Posted on: February 6th, 2013 by Dave No Comments

Okay, it’s February but the past few days of mild, sunny weather remind us that summer is not too far away. That means starting to think about firing up the swimming pool and finding some new swimming pool toys to enjoy.

After all, if you have hit the local Target, WalMart, or even pool supply store, they are already filling their shelves with swim suits and pool toys.

To get you thinking about the upcoming fun in the sun, here are some new cool pool toys from that I know my kids will be most likely be hitting me up for not to mention a few I might secretly like to have:

  • Cyclone Spinner Float: This cool toy holds up to five kids, which allows for four around the circle and one in the middle. You can spin it slow but everyone will most likely want to have it spun fast! Lots of fun with this one!
  • Manta Ray Dual Squirter Set: Kids lay on their own inflatable float and use it as a kickboard as they shoot from built-in squirt guns. I see my two boys going to town with a wild water gun fight with this pool toy!
  • Alien Eyeball Toss:  Weighted eye ‘balls’ can be tossed into this pool float that has different holes to catch each of the boys. It’s a great take on the traditional ball toss game.
  • Flood Force Water Canon: This works on land or sea. You can place the large water reservoir into the pool while you turn the crank to soak anyone in range. If the kids want to play with it out of the pool, all you have to do is fill up the reservoir and put the cap on.
  • PoolTunes Floating iPod Speaker Light: Keep your iPod on land, safe and sound, while you enjoy music for hours from the pool with this floating speaker. Keeps the neighbors from getting irritated when you blast the patio stereo while you can enjoy the music while floating around in the swimming pool.
  • Floating Card Game Station: Who says you need to keep poker or blackjack on land? With the floating card game station, you can take the game into the swimming pool. It features two inflatable chairs with drink holders (a must!) and an inflatable table. Don’t worry! The table and chairs have bungee ties so you don’t float away when you have that winning hand! This is my kind of toy!

Be sure to check back because we have some more goodies to share with you as the weather heats up!

Protecting Your Swimming Pool’s Equipment during the Brutally Cold Months

Posted on: January 22nd, 2013 by Dave No Comments

Earlier this month, I talked about how to protect your swimming pool from the cold – and by cold, I mean below freezing, hard frosts, and bone-chilling weather.

In this blog post, however, I am going to spend a bit of time talking about how to best protect your pool equipment from the weather. This includes your pool’s pipes as well as the mechanical side of your swimming pool like the heater and filter.

Finally, I am going to explain some simple ways to protect some of your swimming pool maintenance equipment that you may keep in hand to clean the swimming pool yourself or touch it up between professional pool service visits.

Keep the Weather from Costing You Money

Your swimming pool’s pipes, heater, pump and filter are all critical components of keeping your swimming pool looking good and staying clean. So, it’s a big deal if you don’ take care of them properly because there could be a big repair bill in the future you would prefer not to have.

I see it a lot over the winter months – the natural assumption that the swimming pool can be covered and forgotten about until the weather warms up. Nope! Owners may even turn their pool equipment off not realizing that it is vital the water keep moving through the pipes so that they don’t freeze, crack, and then burst.

Where the pipes are concerned, you need to first make sure your pipes are below the frost line in your area.

Second, on the nights that the temperature is going to drop below freezing, it is often best to leave the pool running. Running water tends to keep that water from freezing.

Another option is to turn your pool heater on as this will not only keep the pool water cozy and prevent freezing, but it will also protect your pipes and mechanical equipment like the heater and filter. You also may not then see ice bergs forming on the surface of your swimming pool or spa!

Don’t forget that a freeze protector can also serve to help with protecting your equipment by triggering the system to turn on every time the temperature plummets! It’s a worthwhile investment.

Even the smallest equipment needs attention in the cold months. Keep things like your pool vacuum head indoors or in a water tight container to help avoid exposure from the weather.

Put your pools and nets as well as they can become brittle and break after too much exposure to the cold. Do these things to protect the little things and save yourself some money because while this pool maintenance equipment is not as expensive as replacing a pump or broken pipes, it can still add up!

Green Swimming Pool Construction: Is it a Reality?

Posted on: September 5th, 2012 by Dave 1 Comment

Recently Aqua Magazine featured an extensive and somewhat technical article about how the actual swimming pool construction process could – and should – be more environmentally sensitive.

Building and creating green swimming pools does not sound like an easy process primarily because the idea is still somewhat new and the technology and know-how have yet to catch up. From engineering principles to equipment to placement, there are so many high-intensity energy consumers that go into building a swimming pool let alone lead to high amounts of water and chemical usage.

For the swimming pool industry professional, the article offers a lot of good tips on the technical level. More swimming pool contractors are looking at how they build, including how to make smarter choices when it comes to energy use, transportation of materials, use of water, waste materials and other processes that could be greener.

However, the part of the article that has the most relevance for readers are measures that mean something to them in terms of energy efficiency:

  • Stop heat loss by using solar covers or other types of automatic safety covers. This will stop heat and water evaporation. While solar covers are good, they do float and blow off the wind. Automatic covers are more effective, but that comes with a price tag.
  • To reduce heat loss with an infinity, or vanishing edge, swimming pool, they can be designed with no sheeting and what is called a low wet wall effect.
  • Add a passive solar system or incorporate photovoltaics rather than relying on electricity to heat your swimming pool.
  • Get by with a reduced temperature for your water as even a few degrees will help to reduce your heating bill.
  • Install LED lighting fixtures for measurable energy savings. They also add more interesting lighting effects and last a lot longer than other types of lights.
  • Use high-efficiency swimming pool equipment like heat pumps, exchangers, and pool pumps.
  • Consider switching to a salt system versus a chlorine-based swimming pool maintenance process.

Need more information or prices on installation? Give us a call and we’ll be glad to help green your swimming pool.

Tips on Seasonal Closures for Commercial Swimming Pools

Posted on: August 28th, 2012 by Dave No Comments

It’s hard to imagine with Labor Day yet to go that anyone should think about closing their commercial swimming pool for the season, but it is what happens during this point in the year as properties like hotels and motels, apartment complexes, and communities decide its closing time. Of course, your swimming pool at home may be year round; that’s your preference.

However, you still might want to employ some of these steps when the weather changes here in the Antelope Valley.

For those that want to close their swimming pool for the season, here is what you need to do, especially when September rolls around and the nights become surprisingly chilly. Not only do these steps help you from freeze damage, but it also means less work when you open the commercial swimming pool back up again when summer rolls around again.

  • Balance your water chemistry, including pH, Total Alkalinity, and Calcium Hardness. This will protect the surface of the swimming pool from staining and etching.
  • In certain areas, you may need to add winterizing chemicals to keep the water as clear as possible throughout the fall and winter seasons.
  • Avoid using floaters that contain chlorine during this time as it will damage the pool surface, including walls and floor.
  • Keep the swimming pools running regularly to avoid the damaging effects as well as blow out the plumbing lines to make sure there is no water or debris in the lines that could cause a back-up or put the swimming pool at greater risk for freezing.
  • Cover the swimming pool to keep out the debris.
  • Clean the filter.

In California, with the water table and liquefaction zone, I do not recommend emptying the swimming pool of all water. This can actually cause the swimming pool to pop up out of the ground, and there is no fixing this except to build a new one.

For the commercial swimming pools I service in Palmdale and Lancaster, I do reduce the number of weekly stops by visiting once or twice versus three times per week since the swimming pool is officially closed.

It is important to still have a professional service your commercial swimming pool or your residential swimming pool throughout the fall and winter season. This will keep them in good working order and ready for the start of the busy season once more plus it will help address debris clogs or anything else that could go wrong.

These issues can be addressed before they lead to further damage, keeping upkeep costs under control and extending the value of your swimming pool.