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Never Too Early for Thinking Summer Pool Toys

Posted on: February 6th, 2013 by Dave No Comments

Okay, it’s February but the past few days of mild, sunny weather remind us that summer is not too far away. That means starting to think about firing up the swimming pool and finding some new swimming pool toys to enjoy.

After all, if you have hit the local Target, WalMart, or even pool supply store, they are already filling their shelves with swim suits and pool toys.

To get you thinking about the upcoming fun in the sun, here are some new cool pool toys from that I know my kids will be most likely be hitting me up for not to mention a few I might secretly like to have:

  • Cyclone Spinner Float: This cool toy holds up to five kids, which allows for four around the circle and one in the middle. You can spin it slow but everyone will most likely want to have it spun fast! Lots of fun with this one!
  • Manta Ray Dual Squirter Set: Kids lay on their own inflatable float and use it as a kickboard as they shoot from built-in squirt guns. I see my two boys going to town with a wild water gun fight with this pool toy!
  • Alien Eyeball Toss:  Weighted eye ‘balls’ can be tossed into this pool float that has different holes to catch each of the boys. It’s a great take on the traditional ball toss game.
  • Flood Force Water Canon: This works on land or sea. You can place the large water reservoir into the pool while you turn the crank to soak anyone in range. If the kids want to play with it out of the pool, all you have to do is fill up the reservoir and put the cap on.
  • PoolTunes Floating iPod Speaker Light: Keep your iPod on land, safe and sound, while you enjoy music for hours from the pool with this floating speaker. Keeps the neighbors from getting irritated when you blast the patio stereo while you can enjoy the music while floating around in the swimming pool.
  • Floating Card Game Station: Who says you need to keep poker or blackjack on land? With the floating card game station, you can take the game into the swimming pool. It features two inflatable chairs with drink holders (a must!) and an inflatable table. Don’t worry! The table and chairs have bungee ties so you don’t float away when you have that winning hand! This is my kind of toy!

Be sure to check back because we have some more goodies to share with you as the weather heats up!

What to Consider about Adding an In-Ground Swimming Pool

Posted on: March 29th, 2012 by Dave No Comments

During my first-ever home show exhibit, I heard from many people who were thinking about pools but realized that it was a significant investment to make and involved a decision based on a lot of factors outside of just the cost. This blog presents some of those key factors you need to think about before investing in an in-ground swimming pool as compared to an above-ground swimming pool.


Putting up an above-ground pool can be labor intensive, but so can an in-ground pool. The only difference is that labor for an in-ground swimming pool is handled by licensed, professional contractors and sub-contractors who take care of excavation, plumbing, electrical, equipment placement, concrete and plaster.


Many people noted at the home show that their yard is probably too small for an in-ground swimming pool and would have to settle for an above-ground swimming pool. If you hop over to our gallery page, you will see that some swimming pools have been creatively placed in even the smallest of yards. Of course, there are conditions regarding placement under city and county codes, but most yards are quite feasible for an in-ground swimming pool.


If this was a beauty pageant, an in-ground swimming pool would beat an above-ground pool hands down. An in-ground pool can be customized with cool features like fiber-optic lighting, rock slides, and a grotto. Good luck trying to bling out your above-ground model!


Whether an in-ground swimming pool is practical for you is entirely up to your situation, including how often you will use it and the climate you live in. I would say anyone that could put in a swimming pool who lives in the Antelope Valley or anywhere in Southern California for that matter would find it practical, especially when the temperature hits triple digits!


An in-ground swimming pool is built to go the distance of 15-20 years before needing major work like re-plastering or new equipment. On the other hand, an above-ground swimming pool gives into the elements and can be easily damaged or rust. You may find yourself buying a new above-ground pool every couple of years. Both need regular maintenance for water chemistry balance and debris, but you can get a pool man for an in-ground swimming pool. Pool professionals rarely touch above-ground pools, however.


While an in-ground pool may require more expensive repairs over time, there is less of a likelihood that anything will go wrong, and, if it does, it can be covered by a home warranty or a warranty on the swimming pool construction or swimming pool equipment. With an above ground pool, you are on your own albeit the repairs will most likely not cost very much.


Of course, you cannot take an in-ground swimming pool with you when you move, but you more than likely can find another house that has one. While an above-ground swimming pool can go with you, most people don’t bother because of the hassle of taking it apart and transporting it. If you do, you often have to get a new liner for it.


Many studies have shown that an in-ground swimming pool can add to the value of your home (at least the county tax assessor thinks so!). When selling a home, many people are attracted to the idea of having a swimming pool, especially if they have kids. When many people see an above-ground swimming pool that has seen better days (see appearance comment above), they tend to ask the Realtor if that will be hauled away prior to them possibly buying the house. Having a backyard oasis with an in-ground swimming pool as the central focus is definitely a selling point!

Are you sold on the idea? Be sure to contact us now to find out what we can do to make your backyard dream a reality!




More Attention Being Given to Energy Efficiency for Swimming Pool Equipment

Posted on: February 23rd, 2012 by Dave No Comments

A recent article on the Pool and Spa News website, entitled, “Energy Star Program Embraces Pumps,” noted that the Energy Star designation often found on household appliances, such as refrigerators, washing machines, and dishwashers, will soon be available for swimming pool equipment like pumps. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which created the Energy Star designation, is working toward the goal of certification for August 2012.

At the forefront of this push are companies like Pentair Water Pool and Spa, which is one of the esteemed brands in the swimming pool equipment market. They have been behind this certification, noting that energy efficiency incentives have been few and far between in the swimming pool industry despite being a high consumer of energy.

As the article noted, there are some qualifications for meeting this Energy Star certification just as with other appliances: “For a product category to qualify for the Energy Star program, it must be able to deliver enough energy savings over time to allow the consumer to recoup any higher upfront costs. Also, more than one nonproprietary technology must be available.”

Swimming Pool Pumps at Center of Program

The EPA will focus on the following for its swimming pool equipment Energy Star program:

  • Single-, multi- and variable-speed models of swimming pool pumps.
  • In-ground swimming pool pumps with the potential of also include above-ground pool pumps.

Right now, the EPA is not going to include “replacement motors, controllers or pumps specifically designed for spas or commercial applications.”

Once the program has been launched, the certification process will be managed by independent laboratories. It is hoped that, with input from manufacturers and advocacy groups, the program will be up and running soon with Energy Star pumps able to hit the marketplace soon after. This would provide a great incentive for homeowners to consider upgrading their equipment to more energy efficient equipment to maximize the enjoyment they get from their pool while lowering the energy usage of their pools and getting a break on utility bills at the same time.

Energy Star: A Trusted Brand for Consumers
Energy Star has become so recognizable that it might as well be its own brand. As the article noted, “The Energy Star marker has a great consumer understanding….Without having to know the details of the efficiency of that product, they can just look for the label to distinguish what is more efficient from one product to the next. It’s great for manufacturers as a selling point for their products.” Applying this moniker to swimming pool equipment will provide a trusted way for you to know that you are having an energy-efficient product installed for your swimming pool.

Be sure to check with your swimming pool professional on other energy efficient strategies for your backyard oasis. Also, check back for further updates on this exciting new environmental program!