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Swimming Pool: Not Just for Fun – It’s for Fun Workouts, Too!

Posted on: July 11th, 2012 by Dave No Comments

Summer has finally arrived in the Antelope Valley. Both Palmdale and Lancaster are hitting triple digits this week – even as high as 108 and 109. That’s hot! It certainly slows us all down and may even infringe on our good intentions when it comes to exercising.

If you have a swimming pool, then you are in luck – you can keep up with your exercise regimen while staying cool and mixing up your workout. Just a 30-minute workout in the pool is believed to burn off 300 calories!

Numerous great ideas about how a swimming pool could be used for exercise were recently released by I thought I would share some of these in this week’s blog to help readers out there determined to keep to their outdoor exercising without feeling wilted by the heat.

Swimming Pool Exercises for Adults

Swimming pool workouts are an excellent way to build up endurance without doing damage to muscles and joints thanks to the buoyancy of water. The cool water and support of the water also keeps you from feeling tired and slowing down your exercise effort.

Along with great stress relief and the relaxation benefits, the swimming pool can be used for a number of workouts:

  • There is the obvious lap-based exercise.
  • Other swimming pool exercises include leg lifts and water squats.
  • You can also choose to do water jogging or water walking.
  • There are many water aerobic routines also available online. Fitness Magazine offers numerous toning exercises here with pictures that illustrate how to correctly do each exercise.

Swimming Pool Exercises for Kids

Whether kids realize it or not during all that fun and splashing, they are getting in some good exercise, too, like these offered at and at Here are some great ideas to ensure kids keep moving all, of course, with the supervision of adults at all times:

  • Water sports are a favorite at our house, including water basketball, water volleyball, football toss, and water baseball with a splash ball and pool noodle.
  • Competition is often a great exercise motivator in kids, so relay races are a great way to build up kids’ swimming endurance. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to have a great incentive at the end of the race like a Popsicle or Otter Pop.
  • Scavenger hunts are fun, too, and encourage kids to dive down underwater to find objects, helping them strengthen their muscles as they push through the water.

Swimming Pool Maintenance

Just remember: if you are using the swimming pool nearly every day during the summer, you will need to keep up with maintenance a bit more. It is recommended that you check chemicals daily or every other day just to ensure the right balance of chemicals.

The sun and swim use will quickly use up all chlorine. You don’t want your pool to go green and not be able to use it for exercise fun, so be sure to stay on top of this if you maintenance your pool or in-between weekly stops from your pool technician.

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