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Swimming Pool Maintenance during Fire Season

Posted on: July 5th, 2012 by Dave 1 Comment

This past Tuesday night was the first wildfire of the season that hit way too close for comfort – just a hill or so over from our house in Palmdale. Residents were on alert in Leona Valley and throughout Palmdale. Even residents in Quartz Hill, Acton, and Lancaster felt the residual effects of this short-lived fire thanks to the notorious Antelope Valley winds that pushed ash throughout the area.

Jumping in the swimming pool on Fourth of July, we saw flakes of ash floating on the water despite having our solar blanket covering both the pool and spa. It made me think that, as the brush fire season is just getting underway, I should provide a brief blog post on what to do in the wake of a fire in terms of caring for your swimming pool.

Ash in Your Swimming Pool

If there is ash still floating on the water surface, you can skim the majority of it out with your net. However, it will eventually settle to the bottom, so this means you will want to vacuum the pool out. Adding a leaf canister to your vacuum line can also be a way to catch a lot of the debris and ash before it reaches your filter.

You will also want to clean your filter after a fire in the area as your filter has most likely worked overtime to try and clean your water of all the debris. Although it is typically recommended that you clean your filter every three to four months, this is a case where you will want to do it soon after a fire in the area has occurred.

Commercial Pools and Ash

Due to regulations in Los Angeles County, a commercial swimming pool at an apartment or condo complex, housing development, or hotel or motel may need to be temporarily shut down after a fire due to the ash in the water.

The swimming pool, swimming pool deck, and swimming pool filters must all be cleaned and cleared of all ash and debris before they can be reopened to the public.

Keep it Covered

Since the fire season has just begun, it is ideal to keep your swimming pool and spa covered with a solar blanket or other type of pool cover when it is not in use to help minimize the debris and ash from reaching your pool.

Of course, this is also a good way to keep the pool water warm without having to turn on that pool heater!

Stay Safe!

During this dangerous season when so much of the brush and natural environment is dry around us, please remember to use caution and common sense with any items that could ignite a fire with just even a spark, including power tools, fireworks, cigarettes and even a gun at the shooting range!

Worrying about friends and family the other night reminded me that we need to all do our best to look out for each other and stay safe!

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  1. Solar covers and safety covers are a great way to keep debris and ash out of the pool. They have so many benefits and can also help reduce pool chemical evaporation from the pool water.

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