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Summer’s Heating Up with Solar Heating Solutions for Your Swimming Pool

Posted on: May 23rd, 2012 by Dave No Comments

With the weather heating up, it might seem that the killer temps might have enough strength to heat that swimming pool to the right level, but those rays don’t necessarily reach all the way to the deep end nor do they make that in-ground spa work its magic on those sore muscles.

That’s when a pool heater could really do the trick – except for the fact that, by using it, you end up with an electric bill that could break the bank. It’s time to look to solar pool heaters for an economic solution that can keep your swimming pool and spa at just the right temperature while keeping a few dollars in your pocket – not to mention, you will be doing your part to help the environmental initiatives.

Solar Pool Heater Systems

Solar pool heater systems can provide a perfectly heated swimming pool and spa the whole year round without the utility bill that goes with it. Although there is a considerable investment that must be made upfront, the return on investment pays significant dividends because it relies on the free heat that comes from the sun. Although the pool pump must be running in order for the system to work, this is minimal, especially if you install an energy-efficient pool pump or solar pool pump.

The solar pool heater system works through solar panels that are usually placed on the roof. It is important to ensure the right size, number of panels, and placement to get the best possible performance from this system.

These pool heater systems can last between ten and twenty years and usually have a ten-year warranty on the solar panels. They are low maintenance and offer a smart alternative to regular pool heaters.


Solar Pool Blankets

Just like that toasty blanket you most likely wrap yourself up in on those chilly nights, a solar pool blanket covers the top of your pool and helps collect the warmth from those sun rays, radiating the heat into the water below the blanket. It can even raise the pool water temperature by 15 degrees.

Not only is this solution very cost effective, but it also provides a way to minimize heat loss by reducing evaporation and conduction as well as keep a lot of that debris out that seems to be around all year round thanks to the winds of the Antelope Valley!

These are available for aboveground and in-ground swimming pools and come in a wide variety of sizes. The solar blankets are easy to cut to fit to the size and shape of your pool. Plus, they can easily be installed and removed as needed. These blankets can also be placed on a reel for even more convenient use.

A solar pool blanket will pay for itself quickly and provide you many enjoyable days and nights in the swimming pool because there are no utility costs to re-coop. Just remember though that it may not necessarily provide the heat that you would need to get that in-ground spa hot like you like it! So, there is still the need to have a gas pool heater, a heat pump pool heater, or that solar pool heater I mentioned above.

We’re Here to Set the Pool Temp

Whatever you decide, our professional pool techs can install it and get you set up with just the right temperature for your swimming pool and spa enjoyment!

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