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Starting Up Your New Swimming Pool

Posted on: October 26th, 2012 by Dave No Comments

When that brand new swimming pool is finished, starting up means a lot more than flipping a switch for the equipment to start and jumping in. There are some other important steps you should take to make sure it looks this great year’s down the line.

Start with the Chemical Touch

The most common chemical needed is chlorine. The most commonly sold form is tri-chlor, which is made up of a stabilizer and chlorine. To balance the water, however, upon filling it, you will also need to add Calcium (Calcium Chloride or possibly Calcium Carbonate). Muriatic acid is important to reach the right balance.

You’ll also need to add bicarbonate of soda to achieve the right total alkalinity for the pool water.

It may be important to get shock and algaecide to keep on hand.

To balance the water overall, you will need to achieve the following:

  • Chlorine: 1.5-3.5
  • Alkalinity: 80-100
  • pH: 7.6-7.8
  • Hardness: 150-250

When you add chemicals, remember not to mix them. Also, do not let anyone in the water for at least half an hour after the chemicals have been added.

Start-Up Equipment and Tools

There are some key tools and equipment that make the start-up a bit easier. This includes investing in a chemical test kit and test strips.

Pool Equipment Work

During the start-up process, run your pool pump for two to four hours a day. You will also need to brush the sides of the swimming pool one to two times a day if you have an in-ground concrete swimming pool.

Use a Professional
Pool start-ups need a professional touch and constant attention for at least a week to ten days. That’s why it pays to have a swimming pool professional come and take care of the work for you so you know that the chemicals, equipment, and tools are taken care of for you.

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