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Should I Buy a House With a Pool?

Posted on: December 19th, 2011 by Dave No Comments

There are many reasons people buy homes with a swimming pool. There can be a perceived idea about value, the thought of endless entertaining or the idea of having a backyard oasis appeals to them. But, along with the positive attributes can come some hesitation when considering a home with a pool. There can be hesitation in regards to pool maintenance, long-term costs and safety amongst other concerns.


Looking at the positives and negatives can give you a balanced view on which to base your decision. Before taking the plunge on your next move into a house with a pool, consider these benefits:

  • Built-In Entertaining:  Having your own pool and spa at your disposal gives you an instant party connection and arena to host your next soiree. Many years of memories can be built around a swimming pool and fun swim parties.
  • Good Looks: A well-designed pool provides you with a beautiful backyard that is a joy to be in. You can simply spend your time relaxing on a chaise lounge enjoying the view.
  • Exercise: Swimming pools are easy on the joints and provide a ready-to-use exercise arena. Both the young and the old can enjoy the benefits of a daily swim to increase their endurance and cardiovascular health.
  • Recreation: Marco Polo, underwater somersaults and floating on a lounger are a great way to spend a hot, summer day. Moving into a home with a swimming pool can give your family hours of relaxation and fun.

There are other issues, however, which must be considered:

  • Cost:  Before you buy a new house and move in, you have to investigate costs associated with pool ownership. If you are serious about a particular house, ask the homeowner to show you their past utility bills to get an idea of how the pool affects their bills. Discuss with them how they maintain their pool’s cleanliness. Do they clean and service their pool themselves? Have they hired a pool professional to maintain their pool? If so, what are the monthly fees? Also, look into whether they are leaving the pool accessories, such as telescoping poles, skimmers and nets as well as safety equipment.
  • Insurance: Call a local insurance agent and get an estimate on the cost of insuring a home with a pool. Be sure to know all the safety features associated with the particular house you have in mind. Items, such as a locking pool cover, locking gates, and other safety devices, may potentially reduce your overall insurance costs.
  • Safety: Another possible negative impact a swimming pool can have is the fear of safety. Many people, especially ones with small children are apprehensive about buying and moving into a home with a pool. Take into consideration safety features that are present or ones that can be installed before you move in to make a pool safe for little ones.


Before putting a deposit down and moving into a new house with a swimming pool, have a qualified inspector do a through inspection to ensure your pool has been properly maintained and that there are no issues lurking they may cost you big money next month or next year.

Pros and Cons

By weighing the pros and cons of pool ownership, you can make an informed decision about what is best for you and your family.

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