Pool Safety Fencing

SoCal Pool Fences is part of the Aqueous Pools Inc family. We have a team of licensed contractors focused on your needs for quality construction, exceptional value, and responsive service that installs high-quality, highly secure Pool Guard fencing and gates.

Pool Gates

Pools gates are a critical component to constructing a secure environment around your swimming pool. Our pool gates are made from high-quality materials that are tested to ensure they provide the strongest barrier between your loved ones and the swimming pool.

Safety Gates

Safety gates are part of the process of having pool fencing installed. These safety gates for swimming pool fences are equipped with child-proof latches. That means children are not able to open them. There are also self-closing mechanisms on these corrosion and rust-free safety gate locking systems.

Safety Fencing

With drownings continuing to be the biggest danger in backyards with swimming pools, it’s important to install a strong and secure barrier that keeps those most vulnerable away from the swimming pool. All it takes is a minute or two without supervision and tragedy can strike. Rather than take that risk, you can install safety fencing that is strong and meets Riverside County standards for secure fencing for swimming pools.

Foster Care and Day Care Fencing

If you operate a foster care or day care facility from your home in Riverside County and have a swimming pool, you are required to install safety fencing and gate around the perimeter to keep all children safe from the risk of drowning. Adult supervision is not as reliable as pool fencing because it is easy to get distracted when you are taking care of many children. Fencing for your swimming pool becomes a good way to ensure everyone is safe.

Pet Fencing

Not every pet may be a good swimmer or know what to do in case they fall into a swimming pool. By constructing pet fencing around your pool area, you can protect that other special family member from drowning. Our pool fencing is durable. Constructed of premium interlock mesh, it is intended to keep all your pets from chewing or breaking through this line of defense.

Removable Fencing

While you can opt for in-ground fencing around your swimming pool, it does not give you the flexibility that removable pool safety fencing offers. With removable fencing, you can take it down when there are no children or pets present. It only takes a matter of minutes to remove and replace when desired. That means you can control the look and feel of your backyard pool area while always having the peace of mind that you can make it completely secure if you have guests. When not in use, the pool fencing can be rolled up and stored.

Professionally Installed Pool Fencing and Safety Gates

All pool fencing and safety gates are professionally installed. We follow the contours of your pool, patio, and yard area as well as adhere to strict safety standards. Each swimming pool fence comes with a limited lifetime warranty to protect you from material and parts defects.

Pool fencing from PoolGuard with see-thru mesh comes in colors like black, beige, and bronze to blend seamlessly into your backyard landscape design.

Other Pool Safety Products

We also install pool safety covers and pool safety nets custom-made and manufactured by PoolGuard.

Pool Safety Fencing Service Area

We provide professional pool safety fencing and cover installation throughout Riverside County, including Corona, Moreno Valley, Lake Elsinore, Hemet, San Jacinto, Winchester, Murrieta, Temecula, and Menifee. We also provide full installation coverage for our removable pool fencing and pool safety covers throughout San Diego County, including Escondido, Fallbrook, Vista, Poway, Ramona, La Mesa, Carlsbad, Rancho Santa Fe, El Cajon, Chula Vista, Spring Valley, Lemon Grove, and Santee.

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