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Remodeling Your Swimming Pool

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Whether you have had your swimming pool for a decade or more or you just bought that steal of a deal house that came complete with one in the backyard albeit dated and rough around the edges, a swimming pool remodel is something to consider.

You may even be at the point that you are looking for a way to make your swimming pool more energy efficient. Here are some things to think about when it comes to remodeling your swimming pool and just what is possible.


Major Swimming Pool Remodels

When most people think of a swimming pool remodel, they envision that 1960s swimming pool that is so deep you can’t see the bottom; the colored plaster is peeling off; and the equipment is making a lot of strange noises.

Typically, though, most swimming pools last between fifteen and twenty years in terms of plaster, equipment, tile, decking, coping and lighting. As these items start to go, you will need to think about replacing them.

With so much to be done with a major remodel, you might think the costs are out of hand but they don’t have to be if you tackle different projects over time. Also, you can control the costs by researching what you need to have and separating that from the like to have items.

Here are some areas of pool remodeling to consider:

  • Gunite pools with plaster: Over time, discolorations, cracks, and chips begin to impact the top layer of the swimming pool’s surface and you will need to have it resurfaced. If the plaster does not appear to be damaged but only discolored, sometimes an acid wash by a pool professional will suffice. You can also opt to use pool paint on the surface or add some type of special surface like Pebble-Tec or Diamond Brite.
  • Leaks: Over time, cracks and leaks will appear in the pipes and equipment that will need to be repaired or replaced. If you cannot find where the leak is coming from, it could be underground. Have a leak detection company come out and find the leak for you so you know what will be involved in fixing it.
  • Tile: Often, tile will begin to crack and fall off from the pool edge. Depending upon how bad this looks, you can either choose to fined replacement tile or have the entire tile removed and add a completely new tile accent around the pool and spa.
  • Equipment upgrades: Depending on the condition of the equipment, you may need to replace the pump, filter, or heater.

Aesthetic Swimming Pool Remodels

If you have room in the budget, you can add some pretty cool things to your swimming pool and make it into something entirely different than what it first was when you first had it built and didn’t have the money then to add bells and whistles or you ended up adopting it when you bought the house:

  • Fiber-optic, color-changing lighting within the swimming pool and spa, low-profile lights, spotlights, uplighting and pool lights;
  • Mosaic tile accents added into the pool surface like dolphins, fish, and turtles;
  • Wide range of surfaces for your pool, including color quartz finishes;
  • Automated system with digital controls;
  • Slides and diving boards;
  • Waterfalls, sheer descents, cascades, fountains and swim jets;
  • New tile and coping, including river rock or paving stone;
  • New decking with various surfaces and patterns, such as stamped concrete; and
  • Various types of landscaping and special outdoor features, such as an outdoor kitchen, swim-up bar, and fire pit.

Energy-Efficient Swimming Pool Remodels

If you do need to upgrade your equipment or you are just looking for ways to reduce energy consumption, consider a pool remodel that involves energy-efficient equipment like a variable speed pump, solar pump, or solar heating for your swimming pool. There are still rebates available but you will also see a significant return on your electricity bill over time.

Pool Remodel Assistance

At every step in the process, we can help you with a remodel job, including

  • Assistance in getting any necessary permits for the pool remodel;
  • Estimates on remodel costs;
  • Professional design so you can see what it will look like;
  • Information about equipment, lighting, water features and more;
  • Financing options; and
  • Construction and completion of your swimming pool remodel.
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