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Proper Pool Care Whether You Live There or Not

Posted on: November 3rd, 2011 by Dave No Comments

Maintaining your pool is a top priority, especially when you won’t be moving in for a couple of months. The good news is you do not have to wait for the moving truck to arrive to prepare and properly care for your pool. There are techniques and tools you can use to keep your pool clean and well-maintained in your absence.

 Before You Leave

Before you head back home to pack and await the arrival of the moving company, thoroughly inspect your new pool and spa equipment. Check to be sure the motor, skimmer, and pumps are functioning properly. Non-functioning motors and pumps will ensure the likelihood of being greeted by a foul pool, and you definitely do not want the swamp thing moving in while you are away. In some cities and towns, there are even ordinances where you could get fined if you let your pool turn green.

Head over the pool supply store to stock up on the chemicals you will need to treat your pool. Knowledgeable sales staff can normally direct you to the proper chemicals and equipment necessary to keep your pool clean. Perform a thorough cleaning, paying particular attention to the walls and tiles.

If your new pool does not come with a cover, invest in a high-quality pool cover to keep leaves and debris out of your pool. This will help keep your skimmer from clogging up and not functioning properly.  Empty the skimmer basket and washout to ensure it is free of debris.

Proper maintenance is imperative to a pool’s life. Don’t risk your pool’s longevity with a few months neglect

Think about also adding an automatic pool cleaner with a leaf canister, which can do some of the work for you while you are not there.

 Talk to Your Neighbor

This might be a good time to introduce yourself to your new neighbors. It will provide you the opportunity for a meet and greet. Plus, you just might find someone who is interested in making some money taking care of your pool during your short absence.

Hire a Professional Service 

One surefire way to ensure the health of your pool is to invest in the services of a trained professional. In your absence, they will provide a through weekly cleaning, chemical additions, and skimming to ensure a sparkly pool waiting for your arrival.

Your local swimming pool supply shop should have a listing of reputable professional pool services, but you can also search online through services like HotFrog, Thumbtack, and search engines like Bing and Google. Don’t forget to scan your new town’s Facebook listings for pool care professionals. Social media sites are an excellent source for pool cleaning professionals. You can review references and get feedback from fellow pool owners about their service experience.

Pool Moving Tips

Delaying moving into your new home with a pool does not have to be a challenge. Network and investigate different ways you can overcome this obstacle. Having a clean and beautiful pool and spa greet you the first day the moving trucks arrive will make your time and effort off.

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