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Planning Your Swimming Pool Design

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Kidney-shaped. Rectangular. Free form. Round. Heart-shaped. Beach entry. Shallow. Deep. Olympic-sized. Lap pool. Splash zone. There are so many ways to go when planning your swimming pool design that it is hard to know where to start and when to know it is the in-ground pool design that you can live with over many years to come. There are literally hundreds and hundreds of swimming pool designs that could be used but only one that fits with your budget, backyard size and shape, and lifestyle.

Swimming Pool Size

While you may want an Olympic-sized swimming pool, your yard size may not be on the same page. You don’t want your entire back yard to be swallowed up by a swimming pool so that as soon as you open the back door you are practically stepping foot in the water. It should enhance your yard, not overpower it.

Depending on where you live, you may also have to account for city or county regulations in terms of how far away it has to be from the house and perimeter of the yard. This could mean that you may have to scale it back or get creative in terms of shape.

And, if you think your yard is too small for a swimming pool or you have other features that get in the way of having a swimming pool, you would be surprised what is possible, including building a spa above the swimming pool so that water cascades into the pool and space is used effectively.

Size and placement of the swimming pool go hand-in-hand. Think about where the sun will hit the swimming pool in terms of its size and location in the back yard. Will it be placed near trees that often make tough work of pool maintenance? Maybe the trees or shrubs can be moved or eliminated. There is a lot to consider, especially if you are not working from a clean slate.

Other things to think about is the fact that the bigger the swimming pool, the more expensive it is to heat and the more work it takes to maintain.

Swimming Pool Shape

Many of the reasons that guide the size of the swimming pool may also shorten the list of swimming pool shapes that you can choose.  Again, it should fit with the theme of your yard so this might mean a freeform swimming pool with rock or sand borders so it blends with its surroundings.

Swimming Pool Features and Purpose

What you will use the swimming pool often can dictate the swimming pool design as well. For example, if it is strictly for exercise, it’s good to go with the traditional lap pool design, which is often long and rectangular in its shape.

If it is for recreational use, a freeform design works well as does a beach entry with other special features thrown in like a slide, rock slide, grotto and/or swim-up bar. Consider a deeper pool if you are adding a slide or if the swimming pool will become dive central for the kids.

You can also think about customizing your swimming pool design with other features, such as waterfalls, fountains, special lighting. What you add should maintain a certain theme or style to keep it looking Romanesque or more modern and sleek. Mixing elements and features will only lead to a cluttered look that will not work.

Also think about how the features will influence maintenance and related costs. There are some very unique designs but clearly no one thought about how it might be cleaned or how much it would take to maintain it.

Other Thoughts about Swimming Pool Design

Safety is a critical issue to think about as part of swimming pool design, especially if you have kids or have many visitors with kids. Make sure you work safety features into the design, including room for fencing or other security features.

Work with a Swimming Pool Design Expert

Rather than striking out on your own with an in-ground pool design, consider working with a swimming pool design professional that has the expertise to suggest what would work with your back yard plus deliver multiple swimming pool designs to scale and designed from software for a professional and accurate recommendation.

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