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Our Favorite Kids’ Swimming Pool Toys

Posted on: June 8th, 2012 by Dave No Comments

Summer fun is easy in our back yard. As a pool contractor and technician, I, too, have a swimming pool – and it is widely used by my two boys, ages 6 ½ and 9, not to mention my wife who often floats by with a cool drink in her hand. We have tried out any number of swimming pool toys and have put together our list of favorites that you may find useful when deciding what type of splash to make this season. Here are our top five so far:

#1: The Aqua Zooka Water Gun — Above anything, the boys like to splash each other and these water guns allow you to shoot water quite far. In fact, they were even trying to spray the pigeons off the roof of our two-story house (sorry, bird lovers, but they have made themselves to home and made quite a mess!). It’s easy to operate and fill as well as built to last unlike other flimsy water guns we’ve tried in the past. It can fire up to 60 feet! So you know what kind of cool water fights can ensue. These don’t sink to the bottom either thanks to their EVA handles.

#2: Dive Rings — The youngest member of our household has just decided he likes to go underwater and dives down to the bottom of the shallow end while the older one has already grown fins and spends a lot of time diving in the deep end. Dive rings are a fun way to encourage your kids to have fun underwater and make for a fun game. And, in our case, create the usual competitive streaks for hours of ‘who is fastest than the other.’ These are a cheap way to wear your kids out!

#3: Toypedos – Similar to the dive rings, these toys encourage young swimmers to have some underwater fun. These rubber toys are solid and are fun to watch as they stream through the water for up to 30 feet. Again, this is a fairly low-cost swimming pool toy to add to the toy box.

#4: Gobble Gobble Guppies – New to our toy box this year is this cheap and cheerful toy we picked up at Wal-Mart. Who can resist trying to see if the shark can gobble up all the guppies that float by – well, at least the youngest member of our family has fun with this in the pool as he adds his own sound effects and dives into the water to catch all the guppies. This is cute and fun plus it keeps little hands busy!

#5: Swim Noodle – These are good for all kinds of things. My kids especially like to use them to smack each other from afar or simply poke mom and dad if we appear to be too relaxed. These are durable, long lasting, reasonably priced and versatile in terms of fun. Our favorite pool noodles have come from Costco as they are about five times as thick as a regular pool noodle. I wouldn’t recommend smacking someone with these, but I have been able to fold them into a really comfortable noodle chair to float around the pool.

That’s not to say that we don’t have more because our swim toy chest is overflowing with all types of things, but these are the ones we use most often and, therefore, have gotten the biggest bang for our buck. What are your favorites? Let us know!

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