If you go to an office everyday and have a traditional job, you pretty much know what is on tap every day. When you are a freelancer, every day is different. One of the most challenging things I’ve found is planning out workflow where there is a steady stream and you can look ahead to see what’s coming for maximum productivity. However, that doesn’t always seem to go as planned.

Today is a day to catch up on blog posts because I have a lull — the first one in months. This would typically freak me out and put me into panic mode but now I see this as an opportunity to spend the day on other productive tasks that I usually have no time to even think about let alone do. This means marketing myself to more potential clients, doing research for long-term projects, and getting in more exercise and even a lunch with a friend. I even see it as a relief now after working weeks on end with no weekends off or chunks of free time.

If you want to know when this lull is coming or you want to create your own, then there are some ways to control this so you aren’t caught off guard by a quiet day:

Of course, there are still hose unexpected lulls in your time so jump on them and use the time effectively until the next wave of work comes through.

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