I have always been — and are often still guilty of being — a workaholic. The tendency to work all the time is fading though as I realize the advantages of reaching a work-life balance that feels satisfying. You may see top business people and celebrities discuss how they can do it and have it all, but most of us can see that money tends to solve those imbalances pretty easily. My tips for reaching this balance don’t involve nannies or a team of handlers. If anything, it’s simply about making and sticking to some life changes based on putting it all in perspective:

It’s simple and very true, but it has taken me a long time to really believe it. Here’s what I did to consciously to recalibrate and strike a balance:

Besides these personal tips, it has also helped me to read other articles about how to get that balance and keep it. This article from the Due.com blog directed at freelancers and how to balance it all really hit home and maybe it will help you, too!


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