It’s quite easy to become a workaholic when you take on the role of freelancer or small business owner. I’ve been guilty of that for years, but more recently I’ve been changing my mindset through careful planning and the belief that I deserved to take time off. Everyone needs a vacation because it’s necessary to recharge and top up that motivation.

Yet, as a freelancer or small business owner, it’s not like you are getting a paid vacation. It’s a simple principle in the freelance business: work and get paid. don’t work and don’t get paid. That means you have to save up your money or work ahead or extra to have the money in the bank as though you had stayed here rather than took off for parts unknown.

I’ve worked out an effective system in the last few years that has let me disappear for up to a month to places like Australia and England without taking work with me or losing my monthly income. Here’s how:

Using this strategy has helped me cross more things off my bucket list, expanded my perspective for a higher quality of engaging content for my clients, and created a more balanced, satisfying life.


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