Working from home sounds like the best thing ever, especially compared to having commute and waste hours of your life in traffic. And, it really is the best thing ever. However, while enjoying this flexibility, freedom, and convenience, you need to remember that you must stay productive. There’s no one there to watch over you so it might be easy to get pulled to the couch for one episode only to realize that you binge watched the day away with Netflix.

Instead, you need to stay focused on your work and maximize that revenue potential that is there for the taking thanks to the growth in available freelance projects. Here are some tips I’ve learned throughout the last 13 years that have helped me stick to my content writing projects while still striking a balance between work and play:

For more great tips, check out this article from John Rampton about being productive as a stay-at-home freelancer. I learned even more that I’ve now applied to my own freelance career, helping me to get more projects done. That translates into more money and more free time to enjoy the flexibility of the freelance life.

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