A Feature Writer Role with Due.com

I am excited to take on the role of a featured writer for Due.com’s blog and landing pages, which offers small business owners a wealth of knowledge and tips about money management, accounting, operational decisions, productivity and anything else that helps improve revenue and profitability. My role so far as been to produce relevant content […]


I stepped away from my blog for quite awhile this year. The primary reason was a lot of writing projects. Always a good thing, right? This has been my busiest year yet and I do not plan on slowing down in 2014. The second reason was recalibrating my life. There was a lot of  “cleaning […]

Missing My Fuzzy Friend

It was January 2001. After four years, Dave and I decided we were ready to become parents to a puppy — you know that next step before you try your hand at trying not to screw up children. So, yeah, in typical fashion, we started with a dog, hoping that responsibility would not mystify us. […]

Making Our Own History

There is a very short list of people that I would willingly agree to sleep on a hardwood floor in a sleeping bag for — and that list actually only has two names on it: Dylan and Liam. I’m only down with it because it comes with a lot of fun and the promise of […]

Cutting the Dead Weight and Burning a Few Bridges

One piece of advice that I always have taken seriously from my mentor was never to burn bridges. The problem is that I think I took that too literally the past few years, especially as a freelancer. After all, sorting through many issues with some clients did actually lead to new contacts and more work. […]

Do as I Say….to My Kids

I think when we become parents, we spend a lot of time (well, I hope) making sure our kids know the appropriate way to act and interact. But, sometimes, we forget to follow our own framework. This isn’t a list of things for me to shake my finger at others (there are plenty of people […]

Unapologetic Bragging

Societal norms say bragging is bad or frowned upon. Sure, I can see that, especially if people become obnoxious about what they got or how they won something — and by obnoxious I mean, that’s all they talk about or maybe even how they say it. Recently, though, many people have announced victories or accomplishments […]

Doing More than Nothing

Maybe it’s being in my early 40s or it might be that actually more movies are being made about figuring out where you are in life and the whole mid-life ‘holy shit’ what have I done with myself now that half my life is behind me, but it’s been on the brain. It could also […]

A Social Experiment

Social networking sites are hilarious and so telling. You have some that post everything about themselves whether you want to know or not and have to document everywhere they go with pictures so they can say, look at me! Then, you have others that use it as a soap box or to invoke discussion. Still […]

Ho, Ho, Ho

So, as my sons remind me daily, Christmas is around the corner — t-minus 15 days and counting. With two chocolate Advent calendars, it’s easy to keep track. I’m one of those Type A’s that had their holiday shopping done in October mainly because I hate shopping if it involves entering a retail outlet (when […]