No, Thank YOU!

While I’m not thankful I fell off the blog writing wagon, I’m taking a moment to think about this year — not necessarily the best but certainly one with turning points and realizations that became glaringly clear when I pulled my head out of the sand… Thanks to….. My health for coming back to me […]

A Regimen for Non-Paying Writing Work

When someone tells me I need to commit to my blog, exercise, or anything that typically ends up involving a stop-start approach that we all do, I get hung up on the word, commit. What comes to mind when I hear being committed is four padded walls and a limited variety of crayons. Let’s just […]

What My Business Ownership has Taught My Kids

There’s a lot to learn from owning a business but even more if you have kids that are around that business on a daily basis. While I initially had parental guilt about running a business from home because I had to work and couldn’t always give my children the attention they wanted when home, I […]

How to Take Vacations as a Freelancer

It’s quite easy to become a workaholic when you take on the role of freelancer or small business owner. I’ve been guilty of that for years, but more recently I’ve been changing my mindset through careful planning and the belief that I deserved to take time off. Everyone needs a vacation because it’s necessary to […]

What Workflow?

If you go to an office everyday and have a traditional job, you pretty much know what is on tap every day. When you are a freelancer, every day is different. One of the most challenging things I’ve found is planning out workflow where there is a steady stream and you can look ahead to see […]

Freelancer Tips for Working from Home

Working from home sounds like the best thing ever, especially compared to having commute and waste hours of your life in traffic. And, it really is the best thing ever. However, while enjoying this flexibility, freedom, and convenience, you need to remember that you must stay productive. There’s no one there to watch over you […]

Preparing for the Freelance Life

It’s been nearly 13 years since I made the switch to freelance life so, in certain respects, I was somewhat of a pioneer. Nowadays, there are 53 million other freelancers just like me, specializing in all types of areas within and beyond my niche of content writing. Not to sound old, but today’s freelancers have […]

Tips for Work-Life Balance

I have always been — and are often still guilty of being — a workaholic. The tendency to work all the time is fading though as I realize the advantages of reaching a work-life balance that feels satisfying. You may see top business people and celebrities discuss how they can do it and have it […]

My Freelance Toolbox of Resources, Apps, and Tools

This is a great time to be a freelancer because we are finally being taken seriously by corporate America and snatched up by the entrepreneur crowd that recognize good talent and understand the value of our working relationship. With this new status comes a wide range of tools, apps, and solutions that help us do […]

The Life of a Freelancer 2.0

Recent articles and blog posts are covering the life of a freelancer while organizations like Freelancer Union are forming to provide a place to get assistance and benefits provisions. It’s an exciting time to be a freelance writer like myself because now there are more opportunities, better pay, and the ability to seek out competitive health […]