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More than Just a Splash Zone: Get to Know the Parts of Your Pool

Posted on: August 17th, 2011 by Dave No Comments

A pool is so much more than sparkling clear water. And, it goes well beyond that pool noodle and lounger you find yourself floating on a weekend afternoon. A swimming pool has a lot of components that help keep it performing to your exacting standards. However, it doesn’t help to just assume your pool man will know what’s wrong if a valve is turned the wrong way, especially if the spa water has now drained and the motor is running. The next thing you know, the motor is burned out and you are faced with a big bill.


The more you know about how your pool works, the better it will run and the more money you will save. With so much invested in your swimming pool purchase, it is important to know what makes it work and how those parts work together. Here is a quick and easy primer on some of the key components of your swimming pool system.

Getting Pumped about the Swimming Pool Filtration System

There are many parts that go into the swimming pool filtration system. Here is what is included and how each part has a role to play:

  • Strainer Basket: Starting with the pool strainer basket, it is there to catch as much debris as possible before it enters and clogs the pump. This also helps keep much of the debris out of the pool for cleaner water. It’s important to clean this regularly and make sure it is inserted properly. Usually, your pool professional does this as part of their service, but, on windy days or as autumn sets in, it might help to check it more often as it can quickly fill up.
  • Filter: Similar to the strainer basket except that it handles particulate matter, the filter catches and removes the smallest amount of dirt and debris with a set of filter grids or a cartridge, depending on the type of filter. As mentioned in a previous post, the filter should be cleaned regularly to enable it to do its job properly. This can be done by you or your pool professional. To read more, revisit this previous blog post.
  • Skimmers: These are the intakes for the swimming pool pump. Their job is to skim off the surface of the water so that it can be cleaned. They are also responsible for keeping the water circulating so that the chemicals can mix and do their job. Skimmers also typically contain a basket that should have the debris removed regularly. Again, you and your pool professional can work together on this quick task.
  • Returns or Jets: These are typically found under the water in the pool or spa and appear as small openings. They return the water back into the swimming pool and also work with circulating the water. If you want to use your pool heater, the water is pumped through the heater and back into the pool or spa so that the warm water enters through the returns or jets to start heating it up.
  • Valves: Valves are what controls what the pool pump takes in, so they are critical to the process of water flowing through the pool system in the right way. They should be open to allow the pump to work properly. Sometimes, valves are shut off to divert the water to just a spa or waterfall. If this happens, they must be put right again. The valves should be labeled to help you remember or you can work with your pool professional to understand how they should function.

Your Pool Professional

While you can count on your pool professional, it is important to also “own” your pool and understand what you have and how it works. If you have questions or want to learn more, be sure to contact us and we would be happy to provide you with an overview of how your system works.


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