Aqueous Pools Inc. Adds New Pool Safety Fencing and Cover Installation Service

Throughout the twenty years Aqueous Pools Inc. has been in business, there have been many news stories and local situations where drownings have dramatically altered the lives of families. As a parent and business owner, it was important to me to see what more I could do to help other parents better secure their backyards.

I decided to partner with PoolGuard, a high-quality removable pool fencing supplier and manufacturer of pet fencing, pool alarms, and pool safety and net covers. Now, SoCal Pool Fences serves Riverside County, including Murrieta and Temecula, as well as Lake Elsinore, Moreno Valley, and Hemet as well as all of San Diego County.

Already, I have helped existing swimming pool customers and reached new customers with these high-quality pool safety solutions. In the State of California, a four or five-foot safety fence is required, along with door alarms, for any daycare business or if you are a foster parent. It’s even a must if you rent your home out for the long-term plus it could be a deciding factor for a family considering your Airbnb rental.¬†Even if you don’t fit these categories but have kids or host kids at your home, you can’t have enough pool safety equipment in place.

Check out these pictures of some recent removable pool safety fencing, which comes in a variety of colors to blend seamlessly into your backyard:

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