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Know Your Pool Warranty

Posted on: September 26th, 2012 by Dave No Comments

When you buy a car, a really expensive television, or even the newest gaming console, more often than not you have the option to add in a warranty. Many smaller ticket items have warranties as well and the reason people opt for the warranty on so many occasions is because they want to protect their investment.

When you first bought your swimming pool, you probably opted in for the warranty for the very same reason. However, a warranty isn’t always what it seems, which is why it is imperative you know the terms of that warranty.


Having a swimming pool is a pretty big deal and while you might have just bought one on a whim. Chances are you realized very quickly just how much work there was to be put into it. This brings us to the point — you need to be very careful with your pool’s warranty.

When shopping for a pool, you probably quickly realized that there are a lot of different working parts in the swimming pool and all of these parts need to work like clockwork. So, when selecting a company to install your pool, be absolutely sure that you will be covered in the event of liner or plaster failure, the filter breaking, or the heater not heating.

When choosing a company to install your swimming pool, be sure to discuss warranties with them in detail. You might learn that their 30-year warranty is not as unconditional as the advertisement might have led you to believe.

Don’t be afraid to shop around either, pools are expensive so it is important for you to go with a company that will actually have a backbone and help you if something goes wrong. Also, don’t worry about offending another company when just gathering estimates for the job. They want your business too much to get smart or rude and if they do, it’s their loss.

If you have bought a house that comes with a swimming pool, you may want to consider adding on a home warranty that comes with swimming pool coverage to help cover you in the event that anything goes wrong with the equipment.

Go with a Reputable Company

As with all businesses, reputation matters and word of mouth travels far. So, when shopping for a pool, talk to your friends (the ones that have pools) and ask them about how they got theirs, who they used, and if they had any problems they might have had with the company or their installation job.

It is important to know both how the company treated them and how good of a job they did. Because while the company being nice and respectable goes a distance, no one wants to deal with a business that doesn’t quite know what they are doing.

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