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Keeping it Tidy and Swimmable: Types of Pool Cleaners to Consider

Posted on: January 28th, 2012 by Dave No Comments

In between regular visits from your professional pool technician, it is a good idea to have a pool cleaner that can keep the swimming pool and spa free of debris so that you can enjoy the pool every day or simply keep debris from building up in the pool or baskets. This is especially the case in the very windy abode of the Antelope Valley. My customers in Palmdale, Acton, and Lancaster are very familiar with how the wind can wreak havoc on the pristine nature of their swimming pool.


However, there is help that can make your pool sparkle. There various types of pool cleaners run the gamut from manual to robotic and cover every budget in-between.


Manual Pool Cleaners

The manual pool cleaner would be you! That’s right. You’ll need a net and pool to scoop out leaves and debris. You can also use a brush to push dirt toward any drains in the pool that carry water to the filter. While this is cheap, it does suck up a lot of your time and doesn’t always mean you’ll get all the dirt and debris out.

Suction Pool Cleaners

A suction pool cleaner is attached via a hose to the skimmer or a side port inside the pool Suction helps to remove debris and dirt as the cleaner move around the pool in a random way trying to collect as much as possible. An advantage is that installation takes just a minute or two and it’s reliable. However, a disadvantage is that it does not do well with leaves and relies on a clean filter to work.

 Pressure Pool Cleaners

These pool cleaners are more effective (and also more expensive!).  It attaches to the pool return where water flows from the filter and into the pool. It must run off an additional pump (also known as a booster pump) to create the necessary pressure for a vacuum force that propels the cleaner and picks up the dirt and debris into a bag attached to the cleaner. The advantage of this is that these items will not clog the filter. However, these are more challenging to install and work with.

Automatic/Robotic Pool Cleaners

Considered the elite pool cleaner, these get their power from electricity from the home or through a transformer. They run on a timer and are efficient cleaners. These pool cleaners also come with their own filtration system, which means that they do not have to be attached to a pool filter or pool pump. It only goes in the swimming pool when it needs to be cleaned rather than stays in as the pressure and suction pool cleaners do. The bag collects the dirt and debris, offering a simple installation and management process to boot. They even can scrub the bottom of your swimming pool! Some even have remote controls, but, of course, that means they are the most expensive as well.

 Ask Us

We can recommend the type of pool cleaner that is right for your pool, outdoor environment, lifestyle and budget. Plus, we will work hard to get you a great deal! You’ll be pleased how great your pool looks the year round as well as how much time and effort you’ll save in clogged pipes!

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