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In the Swim: Summer Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips

Posted on: July 10th, 2011 by Dave No Comments

Over the recent Fourth of July weekend, temperatures in the Antelope Valley soared to 109 in Lancaster while Palmdale, Acton, and Littlerock were not far behind. Summer has arrived and with the temperatures, usual wind, and dust comes the desire to take many dips in the swimming pool. Whether it is a play date with the kids and their friends or a family fun day, nothing helps to escape the heat more than having a swimming pool.

Giving Your Pool a Little TLC

However, for your pool and spa to treat you right, you’ve also got to pay attention to its needs – and it never needs your helping hand more than when the sun and heat are at their greatest.

Here are some important tips to remember as well as some recommendations for making these tips a little bit easier on your precious time and on your wallet:

  • Weekly Cleaning: While it might have been easy in the winter to put a cover on it and forget about it, summer is a different matter entirely. Cleaning it weekly will result in a sparkling and inviting pool.

Þ    Weekly cleaning is essential to maintain balanced chlorine levels to keep the pool free of bacteria that can make swimmers ill and encourage algae growth.

Þ    The appropriate pH level is also essential so that acidity does not increase and hurt swimmer’s eyes, corrode piping, and create calcium build-up on tile.

Þ    Brushing and vacuuming the pool regularly will keep it free of debris and floating bugs.

  • Filter Cleans: While somewhat messy and time-consuming, regular filter cleans help keep your swimming pool system on track and working at the most efficient level possible. Think of it like an oil change for a car. If you don’t change the oil regularly, a vehicle’s performance becomes sluggish. Same goes for a pool!
  • Refills and Top-ups: The sun works over time on evaporation. It’s possible for a swimming pool to quickly lose a couple of inches of water. The water must be topped up regularly to ensure that it is kept at its intended waterline. If not, there is not enough water to go through the system, which can burn out your pump and motor. Suddenly, not refilling the pool water becomes an expensive decision!
  • Full Speed Ahead: It is important to keep your pool system running for a longer period of time in the sun. Recommended timeframes are six to eight hours per day. This keeps the water circulating in your pool and helps the filter do its job of removing particulate matter and sediment from the water so you can enjoy clean pool water.

Sound like a lot to do? Upcoming blog posts will provide some great hints on lightening the load of being a swimming pool and spa owner.

Questions and Thoughts

If you have any questions about summer maintenance or what is involved in getting started on any of the recommendations, please submit them here. Thank you!

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