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Hot Weather: Replacing Cloudy, Green Swimming Pool Water with Sparkling, Swimmable Water

Posted on: May 17th, 2012 by Dave No Comments

And, so it begins. The phone has been ringing like crazy with people who suddenly need a swimming pool tech or monthly swimming pool maintenance. What happened?

During the cool winter months, not much thought is given to the lonely swimming pool in the backyard because the cold weather keeps the water clear. However, the advent of the first couple days of hot weather changes everything. Suddenly, people discover their pools again only to take the cover off or peer into the water to see cloudy – and sometimes green – water. It seems to have occurred magically overnight. Here’s why and what you can do about it so you can dive into cool, sparkling water rather than something that looks like Shrek lives there.

Why Cloudy and Green?

Adding to the problem is water that has a chemical imbalance or poor filtration. Most likely, these pools have not had chemicals added or their filter cleaned in a while, so they are not able to work at optimum performance to circulate the water properly.

Cloudy water can also be due to calcium hardness, filtration problems, and incorrect pH. The green, yellow, or black sludge that builds up on the pool surface is algae that are thriving in the heat and in water that has not been sanitized. It tends to multiply very quickly when the days get hot and sunny. Not only is it unattractive, but this algae could also contain harmful organisms like bacteria that can make swimmers ill. The algae also block a good view to the bottom of the pool, making it difficult to see someone in trouble or unseen objects that can lead to accidents. It can also create havoc with the pool equipment, blocking filters and plumbing and leading to costly repairs.

Rusty Water and Treatment Recommendations

Sometimes the water may actually appear red. This comes from corroded pipes in older pools that used metal pipes. There are also other times where the rebar is exposed from beneath the gunite and plaster and it, too, can corrode. It is important that the pool be drained immediately and the pipes be replaced with PVC or copper tubing as well as any gunite and plastering repair to stop the corrosion.

Bringing Back the Sparkling Water

It’s time to shock that water and clean that filter. The pump basket and skimmer baskets should be emptied as well. If the water is green, you will have to treat that with increased sanitizer like chlorine along with algaecide and a lot of brushing of the entire pool surface, including steps, benches, and any railings. Cloudy water can be treated with a water clarifier as this removes the particulate matter by bonding this matter together so it can be trapped within the filter grids.

An Ounce of Prevention…..

They say that prevention is better than the cure and the same goes when taking care of your swimming pool.  The pool surfaces, water, and equipment should be cleaned at least once a week when the weather heats up.  Also, test the water every day or two between weekly maintenance, especially if you are using the pool regularly. It is also best to clean your filter a few times over the summer when it’s used so often.

If you are struggling, the best thing you can do is call in a professional to help get your swimming pool back to its sparkling state!

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