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Get Pumped Up with Energy Efficiency and Rebates with Variable-Speed Swimming Pool Pumps

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It’s all about saving money – and energy to boot! That’s what an energy-efficient, variable-speed swimming pool pump can do whether you choose it as part of new swimming pool construction, a swimming pool remodel, or an upgrade to your existing in-ground swimming pool’s equipment set.  And, a side note to the savings is the fact that these variable-speed pumps are SO quiet.

Rebate Information

In Antelope Valley, most of you are most likely Southern California Edison (SCE) customers so here’s what they are offering in terms of a rebate on qualifying variable-speed swimming pool pump models as part of their overall Home Energy Efficiency Rebate Program.

Right now, the rebate is up to $200 back when you buy one between January 1, 2012 and December 31, 2012 and install it by February 28, 2013.

The rebates are only for single-family residences and their website notes that funds are limited, so it is best to purchase one now before they tell us all they ran out of money. It’s easy to apply by either an online form on the SCE website or through snail mail through their form, your purchase, and your SCE account number. If you opt to mail it in, your rebate request must be postmarked by February 28, 2013. Of course, we are glad to help with equipment purchase and installation as well as assistance with rebate applications.

Your Return on Investment

You will start receiving a return on your investment in a variable-speed swimming pool pump by the second year after installing it. This will come even faster thanks to the $200 rebate you can take advantage of right now!

How Do Variable-Speed Pumps Save Energy Anyways?

One of the premier manufacturers of swimming pool equipment, Pentair Pool, offered some great information about just how variable-speed swimming pool pumps save energy, which can often reduce the energy costs of running your pool by up to 90 percent!

Here are some excerpts from an article from Pentair:

Most variable-speed pumps can be programmed to operate at set speeds to deliver the correct flow for each task they perform, such as operating a suction-side pool cleaner, waterfalls or spa jets. Some pumps have built-in constant-flow software, which maximizes the advantages of variable-speed technology; constant-flow pumps automatically adjust their speed and deliver the required flow for each programmed task.For example, an arcing laminar water feature may need 40 gallons per minute (gpm) to produce a smooth 6-ft arc of water. A constant-flow pump can sense the resistance being added to the system as the filter collects dirt and will automatically speed up so the water feature continues to get the amount of water it needs. With other types of pumps, including some variable-speed pumps, the water feature will gradually throw a shorter arc of water as the filter gets dirtier; it will only be restored to its original appearance after the filter is cleaned.

The article from Pentair also delivers some significant quantitative examples of just how money can be saved:

If a pool uses a single-speed pump, it may cost $900 per year to run that pump. (Numbers will vary by region.) After five years, the owners will have spent $4500 running that pump. Meanwhile, in a well-designed system with a variable-speed pump, the comparable operational costs may be as little as $200 per year. So at the end of five years, the dollars spent running the pump will be about $1000, less than 1/4 what would have been spent running the old single-speed pump. The cost savings continue to multiply the longer the new pump is used.

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