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Get Maximum Pool Enjoyment with Regular Filter Cleans

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You change your air filter in your car. You vacuum or replace your home air filters regularly. But, when it comes to your pool filter, you assume it will just keep working forever. However, it is like every other type of filter; in order to provide the best performance, it needs regular attention. Here’s why.

The Ins and Outs of Pool Filters

Whether you have a D.E., sand, or cartridge filter for your swimming pool and spa, there is a need to have it regularly cleaned. And, this does not mean simply pulling the backwash handle to flush out some of the gunk. While this may seem to do the trick for the moment, ongoing backwashing drastically reduces the performance of your filter.


Regular attention to your pool filter will do the following:

  • Achieve better water circulation so your pool water will sparkle rather than look cloudy or even turn green;
  • Effectively distribute all pool chemicals;
  • Lower the pressure on your equipment to avoid broken filter grids or cartridges; and
  • Deliver less scaling and corrosion.

It simply means that if you take care of the filter, it will take care of the pool for you and result in less maintenance and even less chemical use. This type of TLC saves you time and money plus delivers a high-performance pool to enjoy the year round.


Pool Filter Signals for Cleaning Time

Your pool filter will often tell you when it needs to be cleaned. Here are some signs to look out for:

  • The pressure rises on the filter gauge, indicating that debris that has collected inside the filter is taking up room and driving up the water pressure.
  • The pump is straining to push the water through the filter.
  • Your pool begins to look cloudy and the debris seems to linger.

Pool filters should be cleaned at least two times per year, but the more the pool and spa is used, such as at a hotel or apartment complex or over the summer with endless pool parties, the more it will need to be done. The aforementioned signals will tell you the frequency.

Time to Clean the Pool Filter: DIY or Professional?

Each type of filter needs special attention:

  • A sand filter needs chemicals to get rid of oil, grease, and debris.
  • A cartridge and D.E. filter needs to be hosed off and then soaked in a chemical treatment.

So, the question is, as a homeowner or commercial property manager: Do I do it myself or get a professional pool technician to do it for me?

While the benefit of doing it yourself may seem like it involves saving considerable money, you still have to buy chemicals and take the time (at least an hour for someone who knows what they are doing) to do it right.

If you have a pool professional handle it for you, yes, they will charge anywhere from $60 to $80, but there are some key benefits to getting a pool filter clean done by someone who knows what they are doing:

  • If you do not depressurize the filter, parts can fly out and create a dangerous and even lethal situation not to mention it can be expensive to have to repair or replace certain parts.
  • The chemicals like D.E. and muriatic acid are very dangerous and must be handled with great precaution.
  • A pool professional has the right tools to take the filter apart and has done this type of maintenance hundreds of times.

Contact us now to find out if your pool filter may be impacting your water clarity and summer swimming pool fun.

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