Best Money-Saving Pool Maintenance Tips

Although many homeowners account for the cost of building a pool, they often don’t realize what it costs to maintain one, including the equipment and cleaning expenses. You need to continue investing in your pool to ensure it has a long life and offers you the enjoyment you paid for upfront when building it.

However, there are money-saving pool maintenance tips to ensure that you minimize the cost without compromising on critical pool maintenance

Equipment Upgrades

One of the costs that many homeowners didn’t realize is that they must run their pool for a certain time period each day — and often more in the summer when it is used frequently — so the equipment can do its job to clean the water. To ensure you get clean water but don’t spend excessively on utility bills, upgrade to energy-efficient equipment. Utility companies are still providing rebates for variable speed pumps and other energy-efficient options.

Use Additional Cleaning Equipment 

You don’t want your equipment to become jammed with leaves and debris or look dirty all week until your pool professional comes to clean it. Use an automated cleaning device, water skimmer, leaf-canister, chlorinator and/or pool cover to keep your pool looking its best. Removing the debris before getting to the equipment can also ensure it doesn’t work overtime and burnout on you. 

Buy Chemicals in Bulk

Many of my pool customers prefer to get their own chemicals so they can add when needed and supplement what I do as a pool professional. I recommend using online companies that offer chemicals in bulk. However, as a pool professional, I can also provide the chemicals for you as part of the pool maintenance service, which typically is less than buying it yourself. Plus, you get a professional to clean your pool once a week. 

Add Your Pool and Spa to Home Warranty

Many homeowners use a home warranty company like Old Republic. For a small amount, you can add your pool and spa to the coverage. This can help should a heater, pump, or filter break, which can often be very expensive. This is one of the best money-saving pool maintenance tips.

Just remember that you must maintain your pool, including getting filter cleans done as this may impact whether the home warranty approves the repair or replacement of your pool equipment.

Get Professional Assistance

Contact me today for a free pool maintenance or repair quote. I also install pool safety fencing. My service area includes Temecula, Murrieta, Winchester, and French Valley.


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