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Beat the Heat of High Energy Costs with a Pool Energy Audit

Posted on: April 19th, 2012 by Dave No Comments

With the days getting warmer and summer just around the corner, swim season is practically already here. It’s time to get the pool ready and get your pool noodles, swim loungers, and water toys lined up. The only thing that no one is ever prepared for when it comes to getting the swimming pool ready for the hot weather is the accompanying higher energy bill from having to run your pool longer or turning on that pool heater.

There’s no need to worry because, at Aqueous Pools Inc. we care and have a plan to help save you money! Three words: Pool Energy Audit. This is a process that could start saving you big money on your energy bills today!

What’s a Pool Energy Audit?

A Pool Energy Audit is a process in which one of our friendly and professional Pool Energy Audit Technicians comes to your home to perform a series of tests on your pool equipment. This helps them to gauge how much energy your pool equipment, including the pump, filter, and heater, is using.

This is then compared to how much energy the swimming pool would actually need to use to properly filter the water or heat the pool. Only after running these tests can the technician properly diagnose the most effective and cost-effective way to provide a solution that will decrease your energy consumption.

Sounds Expensive!

Is it? In the long run, how could it be? Just think of the money you will be saving month after month. In the long run, a more energy-efficient pool system will be making you money by saving you money! That’s right — over time, the service will essentially pay for itself.

 Is it Necessary?

According to the US Department of Energy, which has done extensive research on energy conservation for outdoor and indoor swimming pools, both public and private, yes, it is necessary. They have come to a definite conclusion that it is possible to decrease the energy costs in swimming pools by 50-70% if the pool is using proper energy-conserving equipment.

These savings would obviously cut down operating costs for both public and private swimming pools. In fact, due to the savings, commercial pool owners could potentially increase revenue from their public swimming pool. With savings like that you decide, is it necessary?

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