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Avoiding the Dangers of Freezing Pools: Winterizing Tips

Posted on: January 9th, 2013 by Dave No Comments

What do you do when your pool freezes? At Aqueous Pools, we have been asked this more than a few times. And, we have seen spas and even pools with ice chunks or even sheets of ice over the entire surface.

In truth, a frozen pool is something you never want, so of course your first instinct may be to drain the pool.

However, if you have followed our blog in the past, then you know why we don’t consider that a good idea. A drained swimming pool is dangerous, but the logic behind draining a pool is sound. You don’t want to save your pool after it’s frozen over as the damage could have already been done. Instead you want to prevent it from happening in the first place.

The Dangers of a Pool Freeze

When water freezes, it expands into a solid called ice. In the summer, ice is great with lemonade and water. However, ice never mixes with swimming pools. If the swimming pool pipes freeze, then you risk them expanding and cracking that then becomes an expensive repair that you don’t want to face.

It’s an even more expensive repair if those pipes are sitting under a brand new $10,000 patio that now needs to be torn up. If you have a liner pool and it freezes, then you risk damage to liner and in some cases the overall integrity of the pool.

It’s not just the plumbing of a swimming pool that can be damaged either. The mechanical side of a swimming pool can also be damaged during a freeze. These parts, like every other part of a pool are very expensive and labor intensive to replace.

So how do you most effectively prevent these kinds of things from happening?

Keeping Your Pool Running

The whole point of this blog is to help prepare you for the cold winter. Recently, temperatures in Lancaster hit 13 degrees overnight while Palmdale also reached the lower digits – well below that of freezing and leading to a hard frost warning.

Here are some tips to keep the water circulating so that you can avoid the dangers and expense of frozen pipes that burst or frozen equipment:

  • A decent inexpensive tip is to buy a pool cover. Its reflectors will help use to sun to warm the pool water.
  • Sometimes running the pools heater on very low can help with keeping the water temp up in the pool and pipes.
  • A freeze protector is an inexpensive investment that can save you a boat load of money in the future. Essentially, they are sensor devices that will automatically run your pool at a certain temperature to keep the water flowing and from freezing.

For more information on the only real sure fix to a frozen pool, please contact us today at Aqueous Pools.

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