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Pools in Winter

Posted on: November 2nd, 2012 by Dave No Comments

The temperature may be jumping low and high over the next couple weeks in the Southern California area, but it does not change the fact that winter is just around the bend. Chances are most of you pool owners out there stopped using your swimming pools over a month ago and won’t use it again until May or June.

From now until then, that is a lot of months for your pool to go stagnant and have any other number of problems happen along the way. We want to help to better prepare you for the cold winter ahead so here is a blog post on what you can do to Winter-proof that swimming pool.

Keeping it Clean

In summer, you keep it clean so you can just jump on and go swimming whenever you want, in the winter though you want to keep it clean to keep algae from developing. Clean it real well one last time or hire a professional to do so and then get the pool covered, there are a variety of pool covers available for any budget.

Not only will they keep the pool cleaner longer, they will also keep the water temperature up. You may also look into the various winter pool cleaners that are offered through your local professional or local pool supply store.

Prevention is Protection

Check your pool’s chemical balance every week, they sell testing kits, most pool supply stores will test the water for you. Also, of course, your local pool man at Aqueous Pools would love to test the water and correct any irregularities. Also be sure to check the chlorine levels in your pool periodically or just have them checked for you.

Routine Maintenance

Cleaning and other maintenance twice a month can really make all the difference in the world. Whether you do it yourself or hire someone else, remember that like your car (or anything really) the more you upkeep and maintain your swimming pool the longer it will last and better it will run.

Aqueous Pools realizes that pool maintenance can be tedious and time consuming which is why we would gladly lend a hand to help. Specializing in all things pools, we, at Aqueous Pools, can maintain your swimming pool all through the winter and this lets you jump right in without any worry of any problems come summer.

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