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Green Swimming Pool Construction: Is it a Reality?

Posted on: September 5th, 2012 by Dave 1 Comment

Recently Aqua Magazine featured an extensive and somewhat technical article about how the actual swimming pool construction process could – and should – be more environmentally sensitive.

Building and creating green swimming pools does not sound like an easy process primarily because the idea is still somewhat new and the technology and know-how have yet to catch up. From engineering principles to equipment to placement, there are so many high-intensity energy consumers that go into building a swimming pool let alone lead to high amounts of water and chemical usage.

For the swimming pool industry professional, the article offers a lot of good tips on the technical level. More swimming pool contractors are looking at how they build, including how to make smarter choices when it comes to energy use, transportation of materials, use of water, waste materials and other processes that could be greener.

However, the part of the article that has the most relevance for readers are measures that mean something to them in terms of energy efficiency:

  • Stop heat loss by using solar covers or other types of automatic safety covers. This will stop heat and water evaporation. While solar covers are good, they do float and blow off the wind. Automatic covers are more effective, but that comes with a price tag.
  • To reduce heat loss with an infinity, or vanishing edge, swimming pool, they can be designed with no sheeting and what is called a low wet wall effect.
  • Add a passive solar system or incorporate photovoltaics rather than relying on electricity to heat your swimming pool.
  • Get by with a reduced temperature for your water as even a few degrees will help to reduce your heating bill.
  • Install LED lighting fixtures for measurable energy savings. They also add more interesting lighting effects and last a lot longer than other types of lights.
  • Use high-efficiency swimming pool equipment like heat pumps, exchangers, and pool pumps.
  • Consider switching to a salt system versus a chlorine-based swimming pool maintenance process.

Need more information or prices on installation? Give us a call and we’ll be glad to help green your swimming pool.

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  1. Having a green pool may seem impossible but it could realized. It may seem expensive at first but the payback time is worth waiting for.

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