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Time to Open the Pool for the Summer!

Posted on: May 9th, 2012 by Dave No Comments

As the weather changes here in Palmdale, I have two little faces that regularly appear before my eyes followed by the same question each time: “When can we use the swimming pool, dad? Can’t we just jump in?” Yes, even swimming pool technicians and swimming pool builders get these questions at home. It made me realize that it might be a good idea to share the best tips for getting your swimming pool ready for the summer season in Antelope Valley.

Uncover the Pool: You may have used a swimming pool cover during the winter season to keep out debris, leaves, and dirt as much as possible. It’s time to take that cover off. If it’s a solar cover, be sure to hose it down and have it ready to put back on when the swimming pool is clean and ready to go. It does an excellent job of heating up the swimming pool without having to crank on the heater and use unnecessary energy (not to mention see your electricity bill go through the roof!).

Turn it On and Check Everything: While you may still run your swimming pool equipment on a limited basis, it’s time to turn everything on and check for any potential leaks. If you see, it’s time to call your pool tech! Get everything fixed before the season starts.

Test the Water: And, by this mean, I don’t mean jump in and see how it feels. What I mean is that you need to test the chemical balance in terms of alkalinity, pH, and total dissolved solids like calcium. If these are too high, it might be time to change your pool water. It’s recommended that you drain your swimming pool every three to five years when total dissolved solids get too high.

Scrub Up: This is the time to get some other maintenance done. If you are draining the swimming pool, it’s a great time to acid-wash the pool surface as well as get the tile cleaned in order to get rid of any effects of hard water. Also, check your light unit to see if it needs a new bulb or has somehow filled up with water and needs replacement as this is the easiest time to take care of that as well.

Clean the Filter: Regularly cleaning your filter will help the swimming pool perform at its optimum level, delivering clean, sparkling water. With the filter doing most of the work, this also means less work maintaining the pool each week during the summer months. It’s good to clean a filter about four to six times per year.

Keep it Safe: Check that all safety features are in good shape, including any fencing. This also means making sure that the self-latching gate still works, first-aid equipment is nearby, and all pool toys are still in good working order.

Upgrade for Greater Energy Efficiency: If you plan to use your swimming pool all summer, it’s a good time to think about a variable speed pump or other energy-efficient equipment like solar heating to get the most for your money right after making the investment. Rebates are still available.

Get Professional Help: Feel lost? Not sure what you are doing? Consider hiring a pool service to get your swimming pool up and running for the summer as well as to take care of the weekly maintenance so you can simply enjoy it!

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