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‘Tis the Season to Build a Swimming Pool

Posted on: October 20th, 2011 by Dave No Comments

One of the best parts of living in California for me (as my home was originally Oxford, England) is the sunshine and the fact that most of the year is filled with sun and comfortable temperatures. Besides making for a happy Englishman, this is also an ideal environment to pretty much build an in-ground swimming pool the year round. In fact, when we put in our own personal swimming pool and spa before I became a licensed swimming pool contractor, a colleague of mine completed the entire process in October and November.


While you may typically think that spring or summer is the best time to have a swimming pool construction process to begin, those are more like the best months to use that pool! Here are some thoughts on the various seasons so you can think about when you would like to get your swimming pool installed through our construction services.


Spring has its reasons for beginning the swimming pool construction process, but it also has some disadvantages:

  • The swimming pool will be ready for summer, which is a good thing.
  • The weather can be good, but it can also mean intermittent rain, which can cause delays.
  • This weather can make the ground softer for digging, but it can also mean a bigger mess. Also, the cold and wet weather may continue and prolong the construction process.


Summer heats up in Palmdale, Lancaster, and the entire Antelope Valley and so does the pool construction business:

  • The process to put in a swimming pool can take longer as this is the busy season for all the plumbers, excavators, gunite specialists, and other swimming pool subcontractors involved in a process. This means delays on certain parts of the pool building process. Just to get the permits to build and install a swimming pool can delay the entire project. You may not even get your pool until the end of the summer during a busy period.
  • The hot sun and wind dry out concrete quicker than you may want, which can create havoc on the performance and quality of concrete if you do not constantly water it.


One of the best time’s of year to build a swimming pool is the autumn month. Here’s why:

  • Falling leaves and falling temperatures may not bring a swimming pool to mind, but you can still enjoy an in-ground spa. Also, the weather conditions in the Antelope Valley make this an ideal time of year, especially during the Indian summers like we are currently enjoying. We are lucky to not get much rain this time of year.
  • And, along with the cooperation of the weather, construction schedules for those involved tend to be more open with many subcontractors available to work at a moment’s notice.


Winter offers its challenges for sure, but it is also a good time to start planning and pricing out what you might want to install.

  • Since these months tend to be the slowest for swimming pool contractors thanks to cold temperatures and sometimes considerable rain and snow, there is time to work on the design of a pool as well as get building permits completed.
  • It is possible to even start on some construction work related to the swimming pool. However, the cold weather does possibly prevent any concrete pouring.


Your Next Steps

Your next steps are to talk to us about what you are interested in so we can provide some estimates or ideas on how you can build a swimming pool, spa, and other landscape features to fit your budget. Let us create a design that works for you! There’s no season like this season to build that backyard oasis!

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